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Seminar of Algebraic Geometry in East Asia
10:15 - 11:15, July 30, 2021 (Friday)
Zoom, Online seminar
(線上演講 Zoom)
Universal Triviality of the Chow Group of Zero-cycles and Unramified Logarithmic Hodge-Witt Cohomology
Shusuke Otabe (Tokyo Denki University)


Auel-Bigazzi-Böhning-Graf von Bothmer proved that if a proper smooth variety over a field has universally trivial Chow group of zero-cycles, then its cohomological Brauer group is trivial as well. Binda-Rülling-Saito recently prove that the same conclusion is true for all reciprocity sheaves. For example, unramified logarithmic Hodge-Witt cohomology has the structure of reciprocity sheaf. In this talk, I will discuss another proof of the triviality of the unramified cohomology, where the key ingredient is a certain kind of moving lemma. This is a joint work with Wataru Kai and Takao Yamazaki.
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