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5th India-Taiwan Conference on Discrete Mathematics 2017

July 18 - 21, 2017

, Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall, Tamkang University

Invited Speakers:
R. Balakrishnan (Bharathidasan University)
A. Vijayakumar (Cochin University of Science and Technology)
S. Arumugam (Kalasalingam University)
P. Paulraja (Kalasalingam University)
A. Muthusamy (Periyar University)
Rahul Muthu (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology)
Pratima Panigrahi (Indian Institutes of Technology)
Indulal G (St. Aloysius College)
H.S. Ramane (Karnatak University)
Aparna Renjith (St. Xavier’s College for Women)
Amritanshu Prasad (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
Madhumangal Pal (Vidyasagar University)
K. Somasundaram (Amrita University)
Sivakumar Lavanya (Indian Institutes of Technology)
Niranjan Balachandran (Indian Institutes of Technology)
B.S. Panda (Indian Institutes of Technology)
S. Francis Raj (Pondicherry University)
T. Tamizh Chelvam (M.S. University)
Arvind Ayyer (Indian Institutes of Technology)
G. Sethuraman (Anna University)
Arti Pandey (Indian Institutes of Technology)

Chin-Mei Fu (Tamkang University)
Bit-Shun Tam (Tamkang University)
Zhi-shi Pan (Tamkang University)

Taiwan Speaker

1.    傅東山 國立屏東大學應用數學系

       Title: Skew standard domino tableaux and partial Motzkin paths

2.    董立大 國立中山大學應用數學系

       Title: Hamiltonian number of a digraph

3.    賴欣豪 國立高雄師範大學數學系

       Title: The Global Secure Set of Graph Products and its Monotonicity

4.    嚴志弘 國立嘉義大學應用數學系

       Title: r-Equitable Coloring of Cartesian Products of Graphs

5.    李渭天 國立中興大學應用數學系

       Title: The Nested Chain Decompositions of Some Normalized Graded Posets of Rank Three

6.    陳宏賓 逢甲大學應用數學系

       Title: Online List Coloring with One Extra Token

7.    呂惠娟 聯合大學共同教學中心

       Title: Secret-Sharing on Infinite Graphs

8.    張惠蘭 國立高雄大學應用數學系

       Title: Density-based Interval Group Testing

9.    官大智 國立中山大學資訊工程系

       Title: Batch verification of digital signatures by using cover-free family

10.   黃明輝 元培科技大學資訊工程系

        Title: Balanced (3,2)-tadpole designs

11.    俊巖 國立中央大學數學系

         Title: Falconer-Erdos distances problem in finite fields

12.    林武雄 國立交通大學應用數學系

         Title: Relaxed distance-two colorings on wireless sensor networks.

13.    徐力行 靜宜大學資訊工程學系

         Title: A construction scheme for cubic bipartite 1p-fault tolerant Hamiltonian graphs

14.    翁志文 國立交通大學應用數學系

         Title: Spectral Radius of Bipartite Graphs

15.    高金美 淡江大學數學學系

         Title:-saturated graphs.

16.    張飛黃 臺灣師範大學僑生先修部

         Title: The L(2,1)-labelings of subdivsion of graphs

17.    梁育菖 國立屏東大學應用數學系

         Title: Halin graphs are (1,3)-choosable

18.    陳秋媛 國立交通大學應用數學系

         Title: Fault-tolerance and minimum-cost placement of bistatic radar sensors for belt barrier coverage

19.    傅恆霖 國立交通大學應用數學系

         Title: Rainbow Graph Designs

20.    廖崇碩 國立清華大學工業工程與工程管理學系

         Title: The Electric Vehicle Touring Problem on Graphs

21.    譚必信 淡江大學數學學系

         Title: Nullities of Graphs Revisited

22.    郭君逸 國立臺灣師範大學數學系

         Title: Optimal Solution for Lights Out and its Application to Twisty Puzzle

23.    羅元勳 廈門大學數學科學學院

         Title: On the routing and wavelength assignment problem

24.    徐祥峻 國立臺灣師範大學數學系

         Title: Cyclic sieving on evacuation of maximal chains of grid posets in Fuss shapes

25.    潘志實 淡江大學數學學系

         Title: The upper bound of the routing number of circular complete graphs.


Other Speaker

1.  Dinesh Sarvate(Department of Mathematics, College of Charleston)

     Title: Group Divisible Designs where number of groups is less than the block size

2.  Miklós Simonovits(Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

     Title: Decomposition classes and their influence on extremal graph theory and related areas

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