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The 5th Taiwan-Japan Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications

March 28 - 30, 2018

International Conference Center, Library Campus, NTNU
Sen-Peng Eu (National Taiwan Normal University)
Junyi Guo (National Taiwan Normal University)
Yen-chi Roger Lin (National Taiwan Normal University)
T.W. Hsu (National Taiwan Normal University)
Fei Huang (National Taiwan Normal University)

Plenary Speaker
Momihara Koji(Kumamoto University)
: Three-valued Gauss periods and related strongly regular Cayley graphs
Kenta Ozeki (Yokohama National University)
: Kempe equivalence of 3-edge-colorings in cubic graphs on the projective plane
Invited Speaker
Adachi Tomoko(Toho University, Professor)
Chiba Shuya(Kumamoto University, Lecturer)
Chisaki Shoko(Tokyo University of Science, Assistant Professor)
Egawa Yoshimi(Tokyo University of Science, Professor)
Fuji-Hara Ryo(University of Tsukuba, Professor)
Fujisawa Jun(Keio University, Associate Professor)
Fujita Shinya(Yokohama City University, Associate Professor)
Harada Masaaki(Tohoku University, Professor)
Hirao Masatake(Aichi Prefectural University, Associate Professor)
Jimbo Masakazu(Chubu University, Professor)
Kawatani Gen(Tokyo University of Science, Assistant Professor)
Lu Xiao-Nan(Tokyo University of Science, Assistant Professor)
Matsubara Kazuki(Chuo Gakuin University, Lecturer)
Matsru11oto Naoki(Seikei University, Assistant Professor)
Miao Ying(University of Tsukuba, Professor)
Mishima Miwako(Gifu University, Professor)
Miyamoto Nobuko(Tokyo University of Science, Associate Professor)
Munemasa Akihiro(Tohoku University, Professor)
Noguchi Kenta(Tokyo Denki University, Assistant Professor)
Nozaki Hiroshi(Aichi University of Education, Assistant Professor)
Ota Katsuhiro(Keio University, Professor)
Saito Akira(Nihon University, Professor)
Sawa Masanori(Kobe University, Associate Professor)
Plenary Speaker
Tao-Ming Wang(Tunghai University)
: Survey of Graph Labeling and Deficiency of Antimagic Types
Kuo-Ching Huang(Providence University)
: On the Graph Decomposition
Invited Speaker
Wing Shing Wong(The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Research Professor)
Gholamreza Omidi(Isfahan University of Technology, Associate Professor)
Kenneth Wing-ki Shum(The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Research Associate Professor)
Yijin Zhang(Nanjing University of Science and Technology; Associate Professor)
Yuan-Hsun Lo(Xiamen University; Assistant Profe ssor)

Contact: Peggy Lee,peggylee@ncts.ntu.edu.tw, 02-3366-8815

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