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The 7th Trilateral Meeting (Australia - Italy - Taiwan) on Nonlinear PDEs and Applications & The 27th Annual Meeting on Differential Equations and Related Topics

January 23 - 28, 2019

Small Lecture Room, Ger-Chi Hall, Bldg. of Physics and Chemistry
Yung-fu Fang (National Cheng Kung University)

Aim and Scope:

Differential equations have always been an active research field and also play an important role in Mathematics and physics. We emphasize the nonlinear PDE, kinetic dynamics, travelling waves, and inverse problems, and hope scholars in these fields from Australian, Italy, and Taiwan can have more communications and exchanging ideas. This proposal is supported by Professor Tai-Ping Liu from Sinica, Professor Neil Trudinger from Australian National University, and Professor Nicola Fusco from University of Napoli.We hope that through this trilateral meeting to promote academic exchanges and cooperation, and thus enhance the level of domestic academic research towards international development. Then we can improve the knowledge and vision for students of department of mathematics. But also foreign scholars have more opportunity to learn about the current situation in Taiwan academia. Thus we hope to increase awareness of Taiwan and NCKU, including other universities. We also ask students to present a talk such that they can improve their language skills.


Everyone is invited to attend the two Meetings. Please register on line for the Workshop which will help us to make a better preparation. The registration fee is NT$1000 for those who has grant of MOST. We also need a lot of chairs for the meetings. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting some sessions of the Meetings. We have a limited support to cover lodging fee and transportation fees for those who do not have any grant. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

 The 7th Trilateral Meeting (Australia-Italy-Taiwan) on Nonlinear PDEs and Applications

 Date: Jan. 23 (Wed) 2019 ~ Jan. 28 (Mon) 2019

 Venue: Small lecture hall, Ger-Jyh Hall, College of Science, Cheng Kung Campus, NCKU


 Scientific Committee:

 Nicola Fusco <n.fusco@unina.it>

 Tai-Ping Liu <liu@math.stanford.edu>

 Neil Trudinger <Neil.Trudinger@anu.edu.au>

 Local Organizer:

 Yung-Fu Fang <yffang@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 Ching-Lung Lin <cllin2@mail.ncku.edu.tw>


 The 27th Annual Meeting on Differential Equations and Related Topics

 Date: Jan. 26 (Sat) 2019 ~ Jan. 27 (Sun) 2019

 Date: Jan. 28 (Mon) 2019 , Informal Discussion Day

 Venue: Department of Mathematics, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan

 Local Organizer:

 王辰樹Chern-Shuh Wang  <chenshu@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 方永富Yung-Fu Fang <yffang@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 史習偉Hsi-Wei Shih <shihhw@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 林景隆Ching-Lung Lin <cllin2@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 陳旻宏Min-Hung Chen <chen0499@mail.ncku.edu.tw>

 林敏雄Matthew Lin <mhlin@mail.ncku.edu.tw>   


 Website: http://www.ncts.ntu.edu.tw/events_2_detail.php?nid=210



 Online Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/ToLtgwHU5KR1xwlv2



2019-01-Trilateral Meeting and 27th DE Workshop-announcement

2019-01-Trilateral Meeting-Poster

2019-01-27th DE Workshop-Poster

2019-01-Trilateral Meeting and 27th DE Workshop-program

2019-01-Trilateral Meeting and 27th DE Workshop-Title-Abstract

2019-01-Trilateral Meeting and 27th DE Workshop-Direction to NCKU

Contact: Peggy Lee (peggylee@ncts.tw)

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