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Kinetic Equations and Related Topics week 12-18 (NCTS, NTU)
Tue. 15:10~17:00 and Thu. 11:10~12:00, November 26, 2018 - January 11, 2019
Room 440, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU

Kung-Chien Wu (National Cheng Kung University & NCTS)
Kazuo Aoki (NCTS & National Cheng Kung University)

Chun-Hsiung Hsia (National Taiwan University)

1.Background and purpose:
The main purposes of this course are (1) to construct the quantitative pointwise estimate of the
linearized Boltzmann equation with hard sphere case and (2) to give an understanding of the
relation between the Boltzmann equation and the fluid-dynamic equations including their
boundary conditions.
2.Outline and Speakers:
Instructor: Kung-Chien Wu
(a) Course Outline: brief introduction to kinetic theory, linearized collision operator,
quantitative pointwise estimate of the linearized Boltzmann equation in hard sphere,
regularization estimate.
(b) Prerequisite Course(s): Real analysis and PDE
(c) Grading: Student presentation
(d) Textbook: T.P. Liu and S.H. Yu, Solving Boltzmann equation, Part I : Green's function, Bull. Inst. Math. Acad. Sin. (N.S.), 6(2011), 151-243.
Instructor: Kazuo Aoki
(a) Course Outline: boundary conditions for the Boltzmann equation, non-dimensionalization
and similarity laws, Chapman-Enskog and Hilbert expansions and fluid-dynamic equations, slip
boundary conditions for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations.
(b) Prerequisite Course(s): Linear algebra and multi-variable calculus.
(c) Grading: Student presentation
(c) Textbook: None. [Reference: Y. Sone, Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics (Birkhauser,
2002); Molecular Gas Dynamics: Theory, Techniques, and Applications (Birkhauser, 2007)]
3.Time and place:
Venue: week 1 to week 11 live streaming at NCKU (Broadcasting at R. 519, Astro-Math. Bldg., NTU); week 12 to week 18 live streaming at R. 440, Astro-Math. Bldg., NTU (Broadcasting in NCKU)

Contact: murphyyu@ncts.ntu.edu.tw

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